Negative Patterns

There’s a beauty in patterns. Rows of trees, lines of a web, petals of flowers, veins of leaves. I like to look for the way things fit together. I remember sitting in the back of the family car, watching the utility poles as we passed. I’d try to count, establishing a pattern, so if our speed was consistent, we’d pass consecutive poles on the same count. And I enjoyed the What in the World puzzle of National Geographic’s World magazine, featuring magnified photos and challenging readers to identify the glimpse of something in nature. (Try one by clicking here.)

The consistency of patterns is reassuring – when the patterns are beautiful. I think about the patterns of my life. Some are pretty; others aren’t. What patterns do you see in your life? When you pull back and widen your perspective, what significance do those patterns have on your life, especially on your faith? What will others assume about you by looking at your patterns?

I want to reflect God.

When I think of a reflection, I think of looking into water. But it’s not the way I should strive to reflect God. After all, when you look at a reflection in water, the image isn’t accurate. The size, colors, and lines are all distorted. When we reflect God, it’s more like a photograph negative. It’s not the actual image, but it has every detail of the image recorded in accurate dimension and proportion. Someone can take the negative and reveal the truth about God. Your life becomes a series of snapshots of God for all around you to see.

Develop the negatives of your life. What do you see?

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