My Life with God

Give Me More!

moreWhat do you want more of?

Money? Time? Opportunities? Guidance? Healing? Provision?

How about God?

After all, he takes care of all of those areas. But we often go to him telling him what we want or need most, based on what we’re assessing our needs and wants are. We’re actually asking him to give us what we’re certain we want or need when, in reality, he knows what we need more than we do. Our asks are distorted.

When we ask for more of God, when we yield to him, when we let his wants determine our wants, we get what we need. We get God.

When we let our own analysis of a situation or a relationship determine our asks, we’re assuming our insight trumps God’s. But when we ask for more of God, when we ask him to reveal himself to us, we get to know his character. We’re content in his presence. We find his peace in our chaos.

What about praying what’s on our hearts and adding “if it be your will” at the end of each prayer to make sure God knows we want him to filter everything through his will. We don’t want what he doesn’t want. We’re giving it all to him. However, when we’re passionately praying for specifics and simply tacking on an escape clause on the end, we need to realize God knows our hearts. He knows what (and who) we’re seeking. He knows our motivation.

If you want God to filter everything through his will, seek to know God more than you’re seeking anything or anyone else. Filter everything through his will as you get to know him through his Word. Ask him questions and watch for the answers. Look for the creative ways he teaches you. Notice him pouring into you when you’re looking…and when you’re not.

That box you have God in? Open it up and collapse it. Put it in the recycling bin. You’re not going to need it anymore.

2 thoughts on “Give Me More!”

  1. I have been reading your posts and those of other infamous Christian women and just feeling lacking.
    How do I get more of God? How do I get the desire to want more of God?
    How do I get the wherewithal to get up off my butt and do what God wants and more importantly, how do I know what that is?
    It’s been a struggle lately.
    Sure I can “read” my bible – but how do I get that into my spirit to live His word and not just read it?

    Susan – keep blogging sweet sister. You give me hope to hope in the One who created me.



    1. Hi, Catherine. I hope I can encourage you in some small way. And I especially hope that I never seem to be an unreachable, unapproachable, unrealistic person. I strive to be fully authentic, and part of that is living a faith out loud…which often looks messy with struggles. I don’t have it all figured out. I just want to pursue God with all my heart. That means I look for him in the big things, and I look for him in the little things. I give him glory in the big things and the little things. I run to him in the big things and the little things. I try to be honest with him, letting him know when I have questions and insecurities. I think we can sometimes look at the where we are and can’t imagine getting to where we want to be, but we can easily get stuck. God can place us in holding patterns, waiting periods, but he will never get us stuck. So if we’re feeling stuck, we can be sure it’s not God speaking to us. We can’t let how we’re feeling define where are spiritually. God must define where we are. Ask him. Trust him. Respond to him. Start somewhere…anywhere. Just being honest is a good start. Reading your Bible is good. Praying is good. Accountability is good. But we can’t just go through the motions. We have to trust him to consume our lives, and that means we need to yield to him, not just want to yield to him. It’s a process, and you’ll take steps backward every now and then, but keep focusing on the forward motion. You can’t do it with your own strength, but you can do it with God’s!


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