Come To The Water

Salvation with Joy

wellGod is the one who saves me; I will trust him and not be afraid. The Lord, the Lord gives me strength and makes me sing. He has saved me. You will receive your salvation with joy as you would draw water from a well. At that time you will say, “Praise the Lord and worship him. Tell everyone what he has done and how great he is.” Isaiah 12:2-4

God’s salvation gives us joy – eternal joy and earthly joy. We might not always be happy on earth, but we can always be joyful. Happiness is situational, and it changes. Joy is chronic. It’s not dependent on circumstance. It’s an underlying reliance on the certain foundation of God’s provision and guidance. Joy is knowing God is supporting us through everything. He’s present. He won’t leave us or disappoint us. He is reliable, always keeping every promise he makes.

If there was ever a promise to be joyful about, salvation is it. When you consider receiving salvation with joy “as you would draw water from a well,” what comes to mind?

Salvation is a refreshing nourishment like no other. Without salvation, our lives are parched and doomed to death. With salvation, we access an everlasting spring of refreshing nourishment. We will have joy forever, not because of our own personal happiness but because of something much deeper: we will have the opportunity to glorify God for all of eternity. We fulfill our purpose. We revel in our sweet spots.

These verses in Isaiah say so much more. Read each section aloud and consider what each means to you in your daily life.

God is the one who saves me.

I will trust him.

I will not be afraid.

The Lord gives me strength.

The Lord makes me sing.

Live It. These verses also include “Praise the Lord and worship him. Tell everyone what he has done and how great he is.” Consider what that means to you today. How will you praise him today? How will you worship him? Who will you tell of how great God is and what he’s done for you? Move beyond the theoretical, simply reflecting on these verses, and consider what they mean to you personally. Live them out in a practical way today. God’s Word is alive and active within you. Let others experience God in you today.

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