Adventures in Faith

Adventures in Faith: Paragliding

adventures in faithBut the people who trust the Lord will become strong again. They will rise up as an eagle in the sky; they will run and not need rest; they will walk and not become tired. (Isaiah 40:31)

Ponder It.

When you been encouraged by a new perspective?

When has a new perspective challenged you in a way you preferred to ignore?

When has your limited or exposed vision helped you spiritually grow?


Receive It.

Paragliding is a recreational (and competitive) adventure sport of flying through the air in a lightweight, (usually) non-motorized aircraft the person launches by running or jumping off a high edge. It’s soaring through the air, high above the ground below. It invites a perspective that cannot be seen from the ground. It often can’t be experience by other aircraft, because airplanes can’t get in the same spaces or go slowly enough to take in the details, and helicopters drown out the beautiful sounds of soaring. You might not want to paraglide or even have the opportunity, but you can still have a renewed perspective.


God wants to refresh your perspective and give you a glimpse of what He sees. Of course, you won’t have His full perspective. You couldn’t handle it or understand it. But God invites us to see a bit of what He sees, a little at a time. He calls a person in need to your attention. He lets you view an amazing sunset at just the right time along your drive. He helps you connect the dots between two events that otherwise would have seemed disconnected. You can’t have full understanding, but God still wants to give you understanding. As we yield to Him, He gives us just the understanding we need. We need to be willing to move in order to get a different perspective. Consider the difference between standing on the seashore and climbing the lighthouse to look out upon the same water. Consider how your perspective changes with each twist and turn up (or down) a mountainside. Your perspective changes depending on where you sit at church, the seat you choose in a car, the side of the prison bars you’re on or the side of the desk in an office, and so much more. We can stay where we are or move to where God wants us to be. But it is only when we are where God wants us that we will see what He wants us to see. Soar to new perspectives today.


Live It.

Climb to a new height today. It doesn’t need to be far. Perhaps you’ll simply climb a flight of stairs or look out a higher story window. Perhaps you’ll walk to the top of a hill or stand at the top of playground equipment. As you climb, notice the change in what you can see. You might think it doesn’t make much of a difference with what you can see today, but when you begin to consider the possibilities of glimpsing God’s perspective, find encouragement…and continue to let Him change and challenge your perspective.

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