Real Commitment

WhatIsRealDevoI tell you the truth, whoever believes in me will do the same things that I do. Those who believe will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. (John 14:12)

Ponder It.
Do you stick to commitment like super glue or avoid it like heavy-duty repellent?
What’s a positive experience you’ve had with commitment?
What’s a negative experience you’ve had with commitment?

Receive It. Following God involves sacrifice, effort, and devotion. We want healthy spiritual growth in a no-fuss, low-effort 15-minutes-a-day, but that’s not possible. God welcomes any effort we give Him, and He will use any sacrifice we give Him to help us grow, but our spiritual growth exponentially grows in the depth and breadth of our commitment. Authentic commitment can’t be assessed by a checklist, so avoid looking at someone else’s life and believing she must be so much more committed and spiritually mature because of her outward actions of faith. At the same time, hesitate letting the list of what you do determine your spiritual health. Authentic commitment is about your heartitude. God knows your heart. Growing faith requires an ever-opening heart. Our hearts are never open enough to God during our lives on earth, because God’s perfect plans know just how many moments we’ll be on earth and how to maximize each moment. There will always be room for growth as long as we’re breathing.

Spiritual growth comes from a commitment to right living, which is living God’s way. We become familiar with God’s will, and we live out His teachings in obedience. Our commitment isn’t one-way. Remember, authenticity is “being actually and exactly what is claimed.” As Christ-followers, we claim to reflect God. Our commitment is a reflection of His commitment, and He is certainly committed to us. God created us and gives us guidelines for living, a plan for eternal life, and so much more. He will never break His commitment. Follow His example.

Live It. In His book SoulShaping, Douglas Rumford writes, “We make our commitments, then our commitments make us. Once they are chosen, many other choices follow as a matter of course.” Be intentional in your choices today.

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