Coloring People

masterpieceTherefore encourage one another and build each other up as you are already doing. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Ponder It.
Who has encouraged you recently?
Who have you encouraged lately?
How has God surprised you with unexpected encouragers and encouragement?

Receive It.
Some people are colorers. They color people no matter where they go. They encourage people, share a smile, teach a timely lesson, infuse encouragement, extend accountability with compassion, invest in others’ lives, and anything else they can do to put color into people’s lives. How can you color others’ lives?

Listen. It’s a simple, but sadly, not-so-common practice. People need to share. Invite them to do so.
Compliment. I’m not referring to someone’s new shoes or hairstyle. Find a characteristic or action you respect, and let her know you noticed.
Invite. Whether it’s an invitation to serve, have coffee, or step in front of you in line, extending an invitation helps someone see you’re paying attention.
Smile. A warm smile goes a long way. Look for someone with a downcast or preoccupied expression. Make eye contact and share a smile.
Share. Let someone sit in the empty chair at your table or pay for coffee for the woman behind you in line. Sharing your life with someone begins with making space.
Pause. Interact with the cashier or barista. Ask the receptionist a question. Wish the salesperson well. The words you share (or don’t) aren’t just about you. Consider how the person to whom you’re speaking will receive them.
Challenge. Sometimes the best encouragement is a challenge to live by God’s standards. Encouragement isn’t about making someone feel great; it’s about helping them walk a life of great faith. Rely on God’s courage and direction to say the right thing at the right time.

Live It.
See how many times you can repeat one or all of the above ideas. Be a people-colorer today. In fact, become a lifetime people-colorer.

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