Mombarded by Discovery

mombarded1Today’s post is excerpted from Mombarded: When Motherhood Bombards Your Heart, Mind, and Life: a devotional journey that gives you 52 devotionals (and space to journal) to encourage and challenge you to help you continually grow as a mom…through the mombardment of responsibilities, emotions, pressures, frustrations, and adventures. Preorder today and receive free shipping.

It’s all new! Okay, so maybe we’ve held a baby before, played games with young family members, and so on, but mommyhood takes on a different role and responsibility. Anyone who says they’re completely comfortable with and prepared for motherhood is either lying or hasn’t had much experience yet. It’s like saying “I’ll never” and pretty quickly realizing that those claims will come back to haunt you when you’re in the situation and realize some of the solutions you thought you’d never try actually work and aren’t as detrimental as you thought they were.

We discover every step of the way. We usually focus mostly on our children’s discoveries. It’s so fun to see the world through their eyes as they explore new things. They begin to focus on what they see. They turn toward sounds. They respond to our specific voices. They find their hands and their feet. They seem startled with their own voices at first. They make noises we can’t figure out how they make, and they surely don’t know either.

Then they begin to move around. The world that seems so routine and predictable to us becomes like exploring the moon to our little ones. We see dangers we never imagined would be dangers. We see possibilities in the mundane. The loops of carpet entertain our children for hours, not to mention what they can see when they pull themselves up to the window or door and watch outside movement. They content themselves with a specific toy or blanket for an extended time, or play even longer with a remote control or something else we’d rather not transform into a toy. Discovery becomes richly complex for them even in the simplicity around us.

As they grow, they continue to discover. And discovery isn’t just in the newness of things; sometimes they go deeper, exploring areas and ideas that they had previously only skimmed. Getting used to the feeling of sitting in the sand makes way for making and serving sandpies and sandcakes. Stacking one block on top of another makes ways for creating full communities out of anything that will stack. A simple book about farm life makes way for an insatiable appetite to know all things about tractors.

As our children discover, so do we. While we need to get other things done at times and try to find ways to contain or entertain our children, we can also sit and watch in wonder as minutes tick by and our children discover the world around them.

Each step of the way, we get to discover and rediscover things we never knew or had forgotten. Even if we can’t see how something could be important, we see the importance it has to our children, and we dig in and explore alongside them.

And sometimes our discoveries are prodded by those incessant questions of “Why?” If we could only tell our kids that sometimes we don’t answer because we seriously don’t know! Or maybe we know, but we can’t figure out how to put it in language that they will understand. Let’s commit to not getting lazy—to at least try to answer our children even if it means exploring together. We won’t understand everything in exactly the same way, but discovering together isn’t so much about the specific answer or destination as it is about the journey and companionship along the way.

What will you discover today?

Click on Mombarded and order today.
Click on Mombarded and order today.

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