My Life with God

Slippery Slopes

6e1912c446bf752b54df0487e2bff50cSometimes slopes aren’t as slippery as we want to think they are. Our fears and pessimism, perhaps even lack of faith, get in the way.

Sometimes we fall into a pit through no fault of our own. We need to struggle with things, not because of something we’ve done, but because we live in a messy world. Other times, we put ourselves in the pit. We might not want to believe it. We might want to find every excuse we can make and every person we can blame. We might even like the pit after a while, so despite our pleas for help, we’re really not willing to make much effort to get out.

Other times we try to claw our way out of the pit and use up all of our energy instead of taking a moment to think. We need to learn. We need to trust.

And isn’t that the bottom line whether we’re living in the pit or skipping in the sunshine in soft, green grass with fluffy clouds above our heads? We need to learn. We need to trust.

God is authority. He is sovereign. He has understanding and power. He will give us some as we need it, but we can never have as much as Him.

But we can trust Him. We can learn from Him.

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