My Life with God

Beyond Appraisal

aging3Now that I live on my own, I feel a freedom in praying and praising aloud.

Sometimes it’s an intentional, set aside, focused time. Other times, I find myself praying and praising as I go about my daily routines.

Like the other day, when I hardly even realized I was praying out loud as I walked through my house.


Break me.

Mend me.

Heal me.

Prune me.

Refine me.

Use me.

Do whatever it takes to reveal yourself to people who need you.

I will do my best to point to you through it all.

You get the glory.



I don’t like the pain in my life.

But trusting God is more important and purposeful than trying to control and fix it all…as if that was even possible.

I’d rather have God than anything or anyone else.

Faith is costly, yet the more I lose or relinquish, the more I gain. The intangibles are beyond appraisal.

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