My Life with God

On This Day

Choose-God_620On this day one year ago, my life changed.

I sat across from the man I had loved over half my life and watched the coldness of his eyes as he said he no longer wanted to be married. I listened to the man who had helped so many people through life crises refuse to consider getting help. I listened to harsh judgment and deceptive promises.

On this day one year ago, my life changed.

I went to the spare bedroom in the dark of night and closed the door. My mind swirled in the pieces of the explosion. My whole body shook. I had to remind myself to breathe. So many things had been decided for me. We had partnered well through the years, but now one was choosing another path with no chance to process together.

On this day one year ago, my life changed.

I sat in the dark all night. The pieces still swirled, but there was a wholeness within the storm. I sensed a stability, a certainty, and pinpoint of light. And God reminded me: despite so much devastation that someone else decided to drop into my life, I had a choice.

And I chose to trust God and to honor him. No matter what.

It’s a choice I face over and over every day. Sometimes it’s easier than others. But the choice to trust and honor God has not let me down a single time in the past year. It has required humility, forgiveness, generosity, and grace.

Sometimes we don’t like the way our lives change, but we can appreciate the healing, growth, and faith that comes from it despite how much we despise the situation itself.

I don’t know what you are going through today, but know you have a choice in how you respond.


2 thoughts on “On This Day”

  1. Thank you for this post! I understand this so much. We don’t have to like the changes we have no control over, but somehow through trust in God and lots of prayer, we can learn to accept the what is, knowing God has a purpose for all of it. God bless you!


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