My Life with God

What Security Is

New-Business-Security-Technology-Trends-for-2017I don’t want a false sense of security. I want to trust God for security. Security isn’t knowing all the details and outcomes or being able to control a situation or people. Security is trusting.

It’s not a blind trust. It involves trusting the source. When you build your life on a trustworthy, solid foundation, the building process will still be challenging and confusing at times, but there will be some dependable factors. It’s important to know when and where you can stand on solid ground.

We can try to build our own sense of security by deciding it’s safer not to seek, consider, and respond to truth. We can decide it’s easier to believe what we want or ignore what we don’t want. We are often tempted to avoid confronting people, asking tough questions to find truth, stepping aside or speaking up when the opposite seems more comfortable, holding someone accountable, asking someone to hold us accountable.

We think security is what makes us feel comfortable. But when we seek true security, we realize our own comfort and happiness aren’t the goal.

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