My Life with God

Cheering On Community

photo-1512672378591-74fbb56b1d28I sat at a volleyball game.

I have no young children in sports, but I have an adult daughter who is in her first year as an assistant coach. And I find joy in supporting my girls no matter their ages, whether it’s in person, written and sent in notes, or through goofy text images.

When I’m able to step into their worlds for a brief moment, I get to take a glimpse of their lives, challenges, and relationships. In the past year, I’ve completed half marathons with my oldest while catching up on everyday life, and I’ve helped my youngest decorate her first classroom and pack up her house.

I sat at a volleyball game and sighed with appreciation. I watched my daughter encourage her players as they made big plays and experienced frustration. I watched her husband sit nearby and help by running the scoreboard. And I sat in the bleachers among friends and strangers. Some had children playing. Some had grandchildren playing. And there were a few, like me, who were there to support others. I sat among that group and sensed community. We came together to support people we cared about, no matter their ages or relationships.

Community is a good thing. We might cheer for different sides, but supporting those we love and others we hardly know is worthwhile, especially alongside others.

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