My Life with God

Time to Choose

ales-krivec-2859-unsplashI stayed in bed longer than I should have. I had woken up early but enjoyed some “just lie still and be cozy” time. I finally motivated myself to get out of bed, and I got ready at my usual pace. I was surprised to realize I was ready for work with time to spare despite my laziness.

I considered going to work early, but I sensed God prompting me to spend more time with him. I brushed the thought aside and put on my shoes. I picked up my keys but took only a couple steps toward the door. God has a persistence about him.

I took off my shoes, opened by Bible, and settled in. What I read included perfect preparation for the day.

Sometimes God seems to speed or slow time. Sometimes he prompts along the way. Sometimes we don’t listen or respond.

When we do, we will always find he is worthwhile.

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