My Life with God


photo-1431898542497-133ad897e05fThe more familiar we are with God’s Word, the more we are able to misuse it. We can choose what applies or misapplies. It’s what happens when we separate knowing God’s Word from knowing God. We begin to replace his intention and truth with our own. We justify our ways with his words instead of letting his words guide our ways. We flip things upside down, but they feel right side up to us – or at least we rationalize a right side up feeling. In today’s world, if it feels right or good to us, we seem to be able to justify it.

Misusing God’s Word or prioritizing his Word over knowing him isn’t new. Satan used the tactic with Eve and Jesus, just to name two. Sometimes it had short-term effects but the deception never completely undermines or overrides God’s truth.

That is the truth about deception: it will never completely undermine or override God’s truth.


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