My Life with God

Cute Poop?

bitmoji-20180523030531I looked for a Bitmoji that might encourage a friend. She was discouraged watching someone she loves and committed to treat her with disregard and disrespect. This is what I found for her.

We can put a bow on it and try to make it cute, but poop still stinks.

We get excited about how choosing God can change lives (although by no means is that change easy or quick in most instances), but we give less attention to how refusing to choose God changes lives, too. And it’s poopy.

It’s not just people who choose to reject God all together; it’s also every single one of us who chooses God for the big stuff but sets him aside during some of the decisions we see at a bit less important. It doesn’t matter on what level we reject God. It all stinks. And stink spreads and invades. Just like many farmers get used to animal or dirt smells, mechanics get used to grease smells, and smokers get used to the scent of smoke, the more we grow accustomed to choosing our own way over God’s, the less sensitive we become to the stench. We rationalize it’s only our business, we’re not hurting anyone, we have the right to choose for ourselves. And those claims just emphasize the cause and effect of pride and rationalization.

Every one of us needs to take a deep breath of fresh air and be honest about what stinks in our lives.

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