My Life with God

Engage Gratitude

photo-1520687052856-eb38da98adebThere was a bit of drama leading into a recent weekend when a lot of family and friends gathered to celebrate together – confusion over travel plans, last minute adjustments, coordinating to-do lists, etc.

It took a bit of flexibility, humility, and problem-solving, but I stood in a full house of family and friends – only a fraction of whom I knew well – and I sighed.

Sometimes it is in the middle of chaos and crowd that is the best place to grasp gratitude. The presence of people I love, along with many connected to those I love, doing life together made me smile. We were making new memories. Some memories are not so funny at the time but later become the source of laughter. Some memories seem insignificant at the time but later feel rich as we appreciate what’s in front of us because of what is missing.

In order to savor memories, we need to engage with life right now. We need to find contentment in context. We can easily set aside or compartmentalize our experiences, but the variety gives life depth and breadth and volume.

Fully engage with life today.

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