My Life with God

Be an Instigator

photo-1496484805162-42c00f79cdceBeing an instigator is often seen as a negative thing, such as, someone who stirs up trouble. But an instigator is simply someone who brings about or initiates something. That can be a good thing, too.

I recently saw the phrase “creativity instigator” in someone’s bio. I wondered what other types of instigator I’d like to be called:

  • Encouragement Instigator
  • Service Instigator
  • Humility Instigator
  • Honesty Instigator
  • Authenticity Instigator
  • Adventure Instigator
  • Perseverance Instigator
  • Faith Instigator

I might not be all those things at once or all the time, but I can have goals and instigate among others today. I fact, I will instigate today!

I want to be intentional and constructive as I instigate. What about you? What will you instigate today?

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