My Life with God

Limits We Choose

18623394_1486858721356119_1070626124875342702_o_largeSomeone asked me how the divorce was progressing (before it was finalized), then she reminded me nothing is impossible with God.

Her implication was that reconciliation was still a possibility.

I believe nothing is impossible with God, but I also know many people are not with or for God. God still has the power, but we have will – the free will he gave us, even when that means we don’t choose him.

God does not have limits on his possibilities, but our choices can certainly limit us and limit or distort our faith.

2 thoughts on “Limits We Choose”

  1. And someone else’s choices often negate our choices. Nothing is impossible with God except he will allow someone to make their choice and sadly that choice may hurt us. In that case…God is with us through it all. Sometimes I feel the “nothing is impossible with God” as a scapegoat. Maybe I’m just touchy.


    1. I understand what you’re saying, Carol. Of course, nothing is impossible with God. That is a promise and truth, but it is not a license to expect or demand what we want. Nothing is impossible with God…consistent with his character and will. Our choices are not always within his will. Others’ choices are not always within his will. We cannot become lackadaisical, assuming God will do what we want because it is possible for him. We need to always respect and seek peace and wisdom within his purpose. Thanks for the dialogue!


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