My Life with God


photo-1444419988131-046ed4e5ffd6I watched an episode of a home remodel show. The remodel process was extreme. The foundation of the house was literally crumbling. In order to fix it, the show’s host led viewers through the process she’d never gone through to this extent. The house was jacked and stabilized for weeks so that the foundation could be properly rebuilt.

What lengths are we willing to go to in order to make sure our foundation is strong? Foundation of everyday life is important. It’s the structure on which we make decisions. It’s what we rest upon. It’s what we’re willing to stand firmly on and build upon.

But how do we treat it? How do we repair it?

Are we content with quick fixes? Do we prefer to fix it ourselves because it’s more convenient and less costly for us in the short run? Do we convince ourselves we know what we’re doing, because after all, we have access to the internet? We can watch a few videos and “get ‘er done.”

How we approach the foundation of our lives says a lot about our character and values.

Pay attention.

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