My Life with God

Help Those Who Help

I recently worked on discussion guides for student ministry. I’m involved in student ministry in no other way, except building relationships with a handful of the kids. But the student minister asked for my help, knowing I am passionate about fostering healthy small groups and equipping leaders.

It was a fun experience for me. I got to pray over the leaders and students who would use the guides. I tried to put myself in their seats and imagine what would impact them and engage them in challenging, healthy conversations that took them deeper in authentic faith.

I’m not physically involved in the ministry, but that’s okay. You don’t have to be in the thick of things to influence others. We often put a box around what we think specific ministries or groups do, what they need, and how people must get involved. But they need and require more than the in-the-trenches people who are consistently doing the tough work of building relationships and investing in each other. There are many other ways to invest and be involved.

Maybe you can’t – or aren’t ready to – jump in with both feet, but those who have jumped in need you. They need your support and help in many ways. Find creative ways you can help others who are serving. It’s a way to serve alongside them, building a larger community of support. Write a note of encouragement. Offer to help with a training or other special event. Shop for or prepare supplies.

Look around today and consider how you can equip others. We all need support.

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