My Life with God

The Revealing Selfie

photo-1536009744269-d24508b32196I ate supper with a best friend and her daughter, and we played a quick game of Hedbanz afterward. I pretty much lose any game against my first grade friend, but it’s always fun nonetheless.

We were in the middle of a round – no one had guessed her card yet – when my friend decided to take a selfie of all of us to send to her husband and other kids. It seemed like a great idea, until her daughter declared, “Well, now I know what I am!” The camera revealed our cards.


Sometimes, looking at ourselves too much or at the wrong times reveals what we’re not supposed to know or focus on. Yes, we need to be honest about ourselves. We need to be aware of who we are and what’s going on in our lives, but if we turn that camera or mirror on ourselves too often, we spoil the mystery.

It was just a game, but there are times we focus on ourselves and filter reality into what we want to see. We make decisions of who we are and who we want to become that don’t consider the bigger picture of how our choices impact others’ lives. We lose the perspective of considering consequences that will likely happen – things we can avoid if we’re attentive, truthful, and vulnerable to life outside of our selfie-ness.

Take a look around you with fresh eyes.

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