My Life with God

Have You Lost God?

photo-1530073561301-0d4ab1aa09f7If we’re not intentional, we can misplace God. One choice at a time, one step at a time, we move away from him until we look around and say, “God Who?” Or we are faced with a crisis that tells us that we have to choose: (1) if you want to be okay with your behaviors and beliefs, you can’t keep God in the picture, so you decide to make it simple and declare he doesn’t exist or isn’t who he or others say he is, or (2) if you want God, you’re going to have to let him filter the priorities and choices of your life, and that might require a change that is uncomfortable and costly.

Coming to those decisions is a process – a process that can include another option.

Ask yourself “Who do I know for sure God is?” Not who you think he is or have been told he is, but get to the very basics. It might be an overarching key characteristic, or it might be a tiny remnant of truth, but it has to be truth. It has to be something you absolutely know is true about God, not just for you but as a sweeping non-negotiable.

Once you get to that, any time you can’t find him, or you’re reeling from confusion or crisis, return to that core non-negotiable, no matter how basic your belief or familiarity is. Start there with just a piece. Let him rebuild.

He doesn’t need much to create a masterpiece, but he wants just a piece of you. He will meet you where you are with what you are willing to offer.

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