My Life with God

What You Can Do Without

photo-1533761883396-a424d257e1d4The billboard read, “Last Starbucks for 100 miles.”

I have no doubt that billboard prompts some drivers to exit the interstate. I also have no doubt many drivers proceed without caring.

We’re all willing to stop for something, especially when we realize we won’t get to access it for awhile. Phone access? A favorite food? An addiction? A relationship? A habit, healthy or not?

What would you go out of your way for, and what would you stop for if it was the last opportunity for a while?

When you can answer that question, you’ll know something about your priorities. You might be pleasantly surprised, and you might decide you need to make some changes. Either way, be honest with yourself.

Honesty and humility is essential for growth and change.

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