My Life with God

Go Outside

photo-1518358568603-258dbc6eb844I’ve heard many people (of the older generation, including my own) refer to how the younger generation needs to get outside more. Oh, how much more active we were without all the entertainment options and comforts of central air conditioning. I’m sure the generalization is somewhat true, but I recently experienced a different take on getting outside.

I was on vacation in the city, and a driver picked up my sister and me to ride trails in the desert. We saw the context of where we were. Not as many people, not as much color, nowhere near as much pizzazz. Yet there was a lot of beauty in the barrenness and simplicity. We saw a lot on our drive from and back to the city, and we experienced the landscape as we rode desert trails.

We saw where we were within the context of where we were. And still, our context was limited.

Our perspective is always limited by our boundaries, but that doesn’t mean we don’t observe what’s around us, even on the edges.

Our lives get richer when we look beyond where we are. With more context, we can appreciate and understand our immediate surroundings better. We appreciate our relationships. We understand differences. We notice details. We engage with people. We listen better and respect more deeply.

And we live more fully.

Get outside your little world today.

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