My Life with God


photo-1508322345744-2745200b300fWith only a few days before Halloween, I noticed a social media post from a friend whose pumpkins had been smashed in the road overnight. They had quite a few, several which I had delivered from my mom’s neighbor’s pumpkin patch. Because of my own experiences with smashed pumpkins, I felt for my friend and her family. Such a senseless, upsetting mess.

I already planned to be at my mom’s that day, so I decided to try to get a few replacement pumpkins to deliver. I knew the pumpkin patch had pretty much been cleared, but it was a bumper crop, so I thought I could find a few. Mom and I jumped on the ATV and headed toward the field.

There were plenty! I started making a pile of a variety of sizes. Before long, I had more than I intended, and Mom and I started to trouble-shoot how we’d get them back to the house. We piled the smaller ones in a crate attached to the front of the ATV. We bungee-strapped others around the crate. Then I held four larger ones between me and Mom. She said she’d drive slowly.

We only dropped one as we got close to the house, and it didn’t break. I drove back to pick it up later.

We probably should have planned ahead a bit better, but isn’t that the way life is sometimes? We forge ahead then realize we’re not as well prepared for something as we thought we might be. Our planning doesn’t quite keep up with our thoughts and goals.
But we can’t always know the details of what will happen.

We don’t know exactly how God will provide. We can trust him through it all. I didn’t realize I’d pick up that many pumpkins, because I didn’t know that many were left in the field. I probably should have planned ahead better anyway, but I didn’t, and it worked out.

I’m sure Mom and I looked a bit ridiculous on the loaded-down ATV. But we sure had fun. We got some replacement pumpkins for my friend, but more importantly, we spend time together on a beautiful fall day.

Sometimes, working through an overload actually eases a burden in more ways than one.

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