Divorce, My Life with God

Repeat. Remember.

photo-1470319149473-af271634cecfOne of my girls’ favorite books was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I am confident I read it 1000-plus times through the years. I can almost repeat it from memory.

What we repeat we remember. I’m not sure Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is going to change my life whether I repeat and remember it or not, but it is full of memories for me. The many hours I spent reading it and other books to the girls, holding them close or hanging out together in the play room, are irreplaceable.

But that time and resulting familiarity could have easily been replaced by something else I had chosen to read and speak often. It could have been better or worse.

There are other things I easily remember without referencing the original source. I don’t ever use a recipe for chocolate chip cookies and haven’t for decades. I am familiar with Ephesians 6:10-20 in several translations. I can find my way around my home in the dark. I don’t have to think much when driving to my mom’s house.

What we repeat we remember.

That can be good but it can also be damaging. What we do over and over, no matter how insignificant we think it is, matters. What we say and think over and over impacts us.
Take inventory today. Reflect on the last week, month, and year of your life. What are you repeating? What are you remembering? What are you soaking in and living out? Your choices and investments matter.

2 thoughts on “Repeat. Remember.”

    1. Such a fun book! I was surprised at how well I remembered it. My daughter would read a line as I was undecorating the Christmas tree this year, and it would prompt me to recite multiple lines. Each time I would get stuck, she’d get me started again, and off I’d go!


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