My Life with God

A Day

photo-1503876466-1fc5143eda57There was a spring in my step as I moved through the first day of the year.

It was a quiet but busy day. I got many things done at home but also went out and about for a bit. I enjoyed several interactions throughout the day. I helped both my daughters with little questions and challenges. I shared coupons with strangers at a store where I couldn’t find anything but thought perhaps someone else could get a good deal. I had the opportunity to encourage and thank a Target employee who had helped me several weeks before. I got to be patient with a grumpy person. I sang worship songs loudly at home as I sewed a quilt.

I got to live life.

Yes, that’s an opportunity each of us get every day, but how do we embrace it? How often do we fall into our routines or settle into our selfishness and neglect people around us or fail to notice the chances we get to fully live with joy, generosity, and compassion? What are we missing, and how are we contributing to what others are missing?

We can’t do it all, but we can engage more than we do. We can be more grateful. We can be more giving. We can live more fully.

Why waste the short time we have on earth? I know it seems like the time drags on at times. Hard times seem to be the longest. Every minute doesn’t seem to be equal in its duration and quality. But no minute is worthless. No moment should be squandered.

God purposefully gave you today. It’s up to you what you’ll do with it.

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