My Life with God

Don’t Do It For God

photo-1495302075642-6f890b162813How often do we do things for God when he simply wants us to do things with him? It sounds the same, but the motivation is slightly different. The process might look similar from the outside, but our motivation affects what’s happening on the inside. Doing things with God focuses on our relationship. Doing things for God might start with our relationship, as we want to get to know him and do life the way he intends, but we can get off track. We can make it about our performance and behavior instead of our attitude toward and interaction with him.

Sure, we sometimes go through the motions out of obedience. We do something because we committed to do something for him, but are we also doing it with him, or have we separated ourselves? When we separate ourselves, even when we’re doing a good thing, even when it’s something we are confident God led us to do at some point, we’ve lost the orientation God wants us to have. It becomes more about what we’re doing (even if we believe it is for God) than our interaction and relationship with God.

No wonder we get discombobulated and confused. We distort our motivation and end up making so much about ourselves. It even sneaks into our language as we talk about “my relationship with God” instead of “God’s relationship with me” or “me and God’s relationship.” We say “I’m in a good place with God” instead of “God has me in a good place with him right now.” I’m not saying we have to rephrase everything we say or rework everything we do. But let’s keep ourselves in check. Better yet, let’s let God keep us in check. He wants to do life with you. Focus on being with God. Being with God is not comfortable or easy at times, but you will never be sorry when you spend moments – and a lifetime of moments – with him.

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