My Life with God

Dangerous Beliefs

photo-1484069560501-87d72b0c3669I heard someone say, “Unquestioned beliefs can be dangerous.”

I don’t think every belief has to be completely torn to shreds before we can move forward with trust. After all, that’s simply not possible. For example, we read or hear something from what is usually a trustworthy person or source, and we believe it. Later, we hear a conflicting perspective or we decide to delve deeper, and we discover what we believed is false or, at least, distorted.

Sometimes we can destroy beliefs with the intent to mince them into fine, unrecognizable bits. We often take that approach with someone’s else’s beliefs when we want to prove him or her wrong, or we do it with something we no longer want to believe, because the belief holds us to a standard we no longer want in our life or makes us incompatible with a position or person we want in our life.

Unquestioned beliefs can be dangerous, but questioned beliefs aren’t inherently safe. Questioning can be dangerous, too. The attitude we have and approach we take matters. Questioning is a process, and we can do it well or not, constructively or destructively. We can have growth in mind, or we can simply want to bulldoze something no matter what the cost or consequences.

We need to continually examine what we believe. Growth requires humility. Seeking truth is costly, but it changes us. And that change can be good. It can also be a bit dangerous in the sense that it demands sacrifice of us.

That is the kind of danger I’m willing to embrace.

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