My Life with God

Bookend Your Day

photo-1424115087662-5845efc6b366We can get into the habit of salving the past and miss preparing for the future.

I spoke to someone struggling with a lot, and she shared a psalm she is reading and praying each night before sleep. It helps her settle in after each uncertain day. It helps her keep her refocus on God after unsettling days.

And that’s good.

I challenged her to do something similar each morning before she gets out of bed. It’s something I did throughout the process of being fractured into wholeness, the most discombobulating season of my life. I knew I could not take a productive step forward into my uncertain and often overwhelming day without setting my focus on God and giving the day to him ahead of time.

If we get up and begin to move into our routines and task lists, it’s too easy to miss the preparation we need to face whatever is known and unknown. It’s easier to wait until we are in crisis and reach out then, or wait until there is a moment of pause or stillness that  more naturally and comfortably comes near the end of the day.

Prayer anytime of the day is good. Claiming the truth of Scripture any time of day is beneficial. Humbly focusing on God in any moment is essential.

Bookend each day—first thing and last thing and stacked in between.

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