My Life with God

God Jots

photo-1532618261731-e3346f1705bcI come up with nothing good that God does not provide.

I sometimes get so excited about making a connection between what is happening, what I’m experiencing, and who God is. I love learning. Yet it is only provided through him. He gives insight. He gives creativity. He gives lessons and illustrations.

I obviously write. I don’t particularly search for topics or reflections to write about; my process is the same as many writers. I try to live with a sensitivity to what involves a shareable illustration and challenge through which to grow. I jot notes throughout my week, and I recently had an evening where one idea after another seemed to stand out and prompt me to jot quick notes to explore later. Those short bursts are always fun and exciting for me.

Of course, sometimes what I think or reflect on doesn’t come from him. I have to intentionally position myself to listen to him and invite him to constantly filter and fine-tune—or prompt me to share in a raw form.

I’m just thankful. Not just thankful as if that is not enough. But just thankful as if it IS enough all on its own. Because his provision is always enough.

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