My Life with God

Smile (and Share It)

I’m fairly certain I’ve shared this song before. It’s not new. But there was a recent day it came to mind, and I needed it. I didn’t realize it until I played it.

I don’t know what you’re facing today, but there are a lot of struggles. We can’t just paste a smile on our faces and pretend nothing is wrong. But we can find moments to smile in the midst of the uncertainty. We can acknowledge the blessings in the middle of the chaos.

We can be grateful for something and be willing to encourage someone (or many someones) throughout the day. You have no idea what people are facing, but it helps to face it with an occasional smile.



2 thoughts on “Smile (and Share It)”

  1. I woke in a funk after hearing about a friend being put on a respirator….this song has lifted my spirit & has made a difference in my attitude. Thanks for sharing!A God wink…..

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