My Life with God

Without Delay

photo-1508791406951-6dab0db7c500Several weeks ago, I took my first walk of the season on my favorite trail.

I hadn’t been walking as often because of…weather, work schedule, social distancing, limited access to some walking routes, concerns of being out after dark, and some laziness…but it was time to get back at it. I found some practical motivation, invited some accountability, set a date, and got started. I’ll admit I was a bit reluctant. I found some things to do around my house first. I thought about starting the next day instead. Both weekend days were going to be beautiful, so I could take advantage of either day, right? Why start that specific day?

Because I didn’t have a good reason to not start that specific day.

I got to the trailhead, and the small lot was full. I had another option in a nearby park. It was nice to see a few groups of people out and about after so much time our contact was limited. Everyone seemed to be respectful. I saw families, mamas and their kids, couples, and teens. I decided not to listen to my typical choice of music or messages but to go with straight Scripture. (Side note: I highly recommend the Dwell app.)

I got into the groove and enjoyed the trail. I watched the light dapple through the trees onto the trail. I smelled the woodland scents of wildflowers and nearby freshly overturned farm fields. I recalled other memories about that trail, conversations I’d had, and grief and healing I’d experienced. And I listened to the rhythm and truth of Scripture pour into me.

As I returned to my car, I thought I might be a bit sore the next day (I surprisingly was not), but it was worth it. Plus, as it turned out, my plans for the next day shifted, so I wouldn’t have been able to walk the trail if I had delayed.

Sometimes we push for the wrong reasons; sometimes a push is just what we need.

Something about my day might nourish or challenge you. Perhaps you feel the urge to go for a walk, to go outside and enjoy the sights and sounds, to settle into Scripture or to simply take time to breathe and savor where you are. (Hopefully what has nudged you isn’t the desire to rationalize procrastinating.) Do it. Take the step. Move ahead. Savor life. Find joy in the simple.

Accept God’s invitation. Soak in his provision and presence. Be grateful.

4 thoughts on “Without Delay”

  1. Well unfortunately my recent outdoor adventures have led to a sinus infection which has sidelined me. Rather distraught about that. I rarely call in to work, but after working 3 days last weekend and Monday with a horrible headache, I trudged to the doctor Tuesday. Called in for today because I still am experiencing headaches and decided it was going to be a day for rest. Which I have been delaying.


      1. Thank you Susan. Heading back to work today. I did get rest and rejuvenation these past few days. Praying that I can keep my mouth in check during stressful moments!

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