My Life with God

Poor Me, Poor You, Poor Us

A young mom friend shared a post about having about the struggles of working moms having limited time with babies, including a plea for friends and family to be patient and understand the limited time to engage. It wasn’t a “poor me” post. It wasn’t full of excuses but a simply sharing of experience and struggles.

And many people could relate and commented.

One person commented and prompted a thread along the lines of “quit complaining when you have it so good!” Why assume and accuse she wasn’t appreciative for her child, her job, her childcare, and so on? The young mom was saying none of those things. Why do we choose to respond with insensitivity? Being unaware is one thing. Being mean is another.

You don’t have to completely share an experience, emotion, or situation in order to listen and appreciate and respect the person sharing. We don’t need to affirm everyone when we don’t understand, but we also don’t have to blame and ridicule.

Let’s be better—together.

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