My Life with God

Trust the What?

Trust the process.

It’s a popular phrase, meant to encourage us to persevere while we’re settling in, trying to go with the flow, hoping for change—the positive kind. I understand the sentiment, but what do we trust in the process? What do we trust that we shouldn’t? Who do we think is involved in the process? Do we position ourselves in power and influence or in passivity and insecurities?

I would prefer to trust purpose than process. I prefer to trust God. I am better in a position of healthy relationship with him—not the him someone says he is, not the him I prefer him to be, not the him of baggage or dreams, but the true him. I can’t fathom every bit of him. He is beyond me. He is also within reach. He is hope. He is capable. He is beyond. He is within.

Trust what? Or whom?

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