My Life with God

The New Normal

Today begins the new normal. Last week was Holy Week. Yesterday was Easter. Today is that next day—somewhat non-descript. For some, it’s the day after their kids had too much candy. For others, it’s a day to breathe after a week or weekend of traveling with family. Last week was filled with intention. Perhaps it was planning for the weekend. For me, it was an attempt to focus on God’s presence and Jesus’ plan. I didn’t write to make space, but that space was quickly filled.

My attempt to focus wasn’t always productive. I had a full week that could have distracted or discouraged me. And it succeeded at times. But looking back, I realized what felt full at times was actually preparing me to intentionally make some space. I might not have been filling it with the right things in preparation for Easter, but God knew what he was doing nonetheless. Challenges stretched me. People annoyed me. Situations consumed me. But when I took a deep breath and stepped away, I felt the space. I knew it would automatically fill with whatever was convenient—unless I chose otherwise.

And I did.

Holy Week should never stay in Holy Week. It’s a pinnacle. It’s a reference point. It’s a map—with cohabitants of details and uncertainties. So, I’m lacing my hiking boots and walking in the direction Holy Week has pointed me toward. I’m hoping to honor Jesus with my steps.

Will you join me as I try to carry Holy Week into the new week?

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