My Life with God

The Posture of Repentance

Repentance isn’t doing what I think I need to do. It’s not someone else doing what I think they need to do. It’s not someone else doing what they think they need to do

Repentance is coming into full agreement of God’s opinion of the whole matter.

We want repentance to be what we want. Even if we’re willing to sacrifice something, we are rarely ready to sacrifice beyond our comfort level. We want to give up what we can understand. We need our repentance to be logical. And sometimes, we want repentance to lead to a specific result.

But repentance is more about God than ourselves. We cannot understand all things God. We still pursue him and his truth and will with our whole beings, but letting our lack of full understanding get in the way of obedience cuts our faith short. Making our response be dependent on an expected or assured result weakens our faith.

We don’t have to figure it out. When we pursue God and his opinion more than our own understanding and expectations, we anticipate him above all else. True repentance is always humble and faithful.

Seek a glance of God, then reflect and (hopefully) respond today.

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