My Life with God

Sit with Purpose

Sometimes we need to let somebody sit with something. Or we need to sit with something.

We like quick fixes and easy answers. We want to be able to explain, suggest, solve, and act. But reflecting and learning is essential. The learning process is important. I remember a disagreement I had in my early twenties. Someone expressed the importance of an educational degree, because it signified accomplishment and status. I wasn’t opposed to the end result of a degree, but to me, the end result meant very little if the process wasn’t steeped in significant learning—and not just head knowledge but practical, relevant experiences. I could gain a lot in the journey and didn’t want to miss out—even if I walked across a stage in the end and had a couple extra letters behind my name.

Instead of jumping in with a quick answer or solution, except in emergencies, we are often better positioned by listening, asking questions, and exploring possibilities. We might not be able to fully process when we skip the important steps of gathering as much information as possible to make the best decision possible, to own the action we take and where it takes us. We might shorten a couple steps, but we might shortchange relationships and experiences in the meantime.

Reflection doesn’t require a lot of time and talking. When faced with a question, dilemma, or opportunity today, prioritize humility, listening, and authenticity.

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