My Life with God

The Trust Trail

We can’t be trusted.

I don’t often watch the news, but as I sat at the mechanic’s shop early one morning along with a half dozen other people, a news story talked about the beautiful blooming flower fields in California and the crowds they were attracting. But there were problems. People wanted to get off the paths at times, and that wasn’t allowed. It was policed. People were ticketed. A brief interview with one of the guards indicated he had written quite a few tickets. I have no idea what the fine was, but several of us in the room chuckled, because…really?

We can’t be trusted with nice, beautiful things. We can’t be trusted to stay on a path. And maybe that’s not a bad thing. We don’t need to follow every rule. But how do we live alongside others when we value different things? Some people seek and value truth. Others rationalize deception when it’s self-serving. Some people want healthy boundaries. Others want control or exclusion.

We’re different.

I thought about the animals that must have run through those fields. I’m sure they damaged the flowers at times, but they weren’t policed.

We are. And maybe that’s why we want to push the limits sometimes. But taking away all the boundaries and guidelines isn’t the solution either.

I don’t know how we can fix our trust issues. But perhaps today we can enjoy the beauty along the path we find ourselves on. It might be a well-established, stay-off-the-grass trail, and it might be an explore-wherever-you-want open field. Either place has beauty. Either place has lessons. Many things aren’t dependent on the trust we have for someone or someone has for us. No matter what, we can find joy.

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