My Life with God

It’s Time to Deal

It’s not the best idea to push things aside. Of course, we need time to healthily process, heal, and grow, but that’s different than pushing things aside. When we bury, sweep, and ignore, we deceive ourselves. We try to convince ourselves of the deceptive (non)reality that tells us we don’t need to deal with something, that perhaps there isn’t even a something to deal with, or the something doesn’t have anything to do with us.

We have stuff to deal with. Instead of pushing it aside or recreating it to be what we want or what we think others need it to be, we need to intentionally replace the hurt, harm, mistakes, and damage with truth, humility, forgiveness, and redemption. If we push things aside without intentionally fostering healthy replacements, we just make space to be flooded again and again and again. It’s like we keep scooping out the water but we don’t stop the leak. We can’t always stop the leak right away, at least not completely. We might not be sure where the source of the leak is. But we can siphon the water. We can put something in that consumes some of the space of the water flooding in. We can temporarily reroute the water. And as we clear some space, we can begin to assess and deal with the issue effectively.

We panic.

We avoid.

We deceive—ourselves and others.

But…at any time, we can stop. We can pause. We can change the process and make a difference in our healing process, growth trajectory, and relational authenticity.

Today is the day. It’s your choice. It’s your possibility.

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