My Life with God


What are you tailing? What (or whom) are you following closely? What stirs your eagerness to know so intensely you will pursue with perseverance? And what drives that pursuit?

The pursuit can be healthy or unhealthy.

We can want information—sometimes inappropriate, none of our business, or unimportant—and that need to know can blind us, leading us into meanderings, quagmires, and precipices.

We can want comfort and pursue what we believe will give it to us, potentially positioning ourselves on a plateau that leads nowhere.

We can want status, accolades, and accomplishments, which can inspire us to grow or create a false sense of security that crumbles at the least inopportune time.

We can want truth, which even when we’re confident of what truth is, we need to humbly filter and test what we trust—not to be disrespectful but to be wise. No one worth tailing will be offended if we ask questions and express doubts.

Following well involves health on the part of who we follow and how we follow. It involves the other as well as us.

Test the how and the whom of your following today. Give yourself space to grow. Give others grace to grow. But be wise and humble every step of the way.

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