A Month of Preparation

Preparation: Michelle’s Story

preparationHow is God using your today to prepare and purpose your tomorrow?

Today’s guest post is written by Michelle Beckmier…


Have you ever heard something that you’ve heard time and time again, only this time it was put into “wow, I get that” terms?

Recently, one of my friends painted a word picture suggesting that, instead of the focusing on the negatives like cost of fuel and what that fuel production costs the earth, that we instead try and imagine that God fills up just like the fuel does the car.

Moments later, I found myself at the gas station.

So, I tried it. I stood outside instead of sitting in the vehicle. As the gallons rose on the pump filling my van up with fuel, I imagined God doing the same in my life. Standing over me when it’s cold and uncomfortable, pouring into me. As the tank seemed full, I tried to squeeze just a little more into the already full tank. And that’s when my “wow, I get that” sunk in.

God fills us up with everything we need. But it’s up to us top it off by squeezing just a few more minutes of quiet time in each day. It’s up to us to add just a few more ounces of grace to a conversation. It’s up to us to squeeze in just a little more understanding to a situation that we know only God truly understands. What if we focused on filling up with his word. What if we trusted Him and not on others or stuff to fill us up to the top so full that we started to run over with His grace?

What if…?

(This is the final post in the Preparation series, intended to help you look for, notice, and acknowledge God working in your life. On Monday, I’ll give away a free ticket to the Living Proof Live with Beth Moore event in Springfield, IL, October 25-26, 2013. All you have to do to qualify for the free ticket drawing is to comment on one or more blog posts throughout this series. Check back Monday! (If you live too far away to attend the event, I have an alternate giveaway and will then pass along the ticket to someone else.)