Divorce, My Life with God

Simply Hurt

photo-1562176952-3b39db7af417I responded, “I’m struggling,” but I realized that did not exactly capturing what was happening. I cried some quiet tears.

I wasn’t struggling. I was simply hurt. I needed to sit in the hurt for a moment—not too long but just long enough to acknowledge it and allow another step of healing. The hurt was a wave, an aftershock. But I have learned it’s important to be honest with those moments and feelings. I don’t stay there long. I’m too focused on living well, savoring life, and growing with purpose. But there are moments.

What people do and don’t do hurts. Relationships hurt. But they are also beautiful.

I am confident someone needs to hear this today. I am sorry you are hurting. I am sorry someone hurt you. The hurt you are feeling is real, and it is difficult. Sit in it for a moment and breathe. Then take a step. You will certainly hurt again. There will be more aftershocks, but you are getting through this one. And you are not alone.