Family, My Life with God

Mom to Adults

photo-1531844734254-51193b49c604One of my favorite parts of being a mom to adults is brief snippets of time together. It’s often the spontaneous moments. They are like snapshots. We invite each other into our lives and spend moments of time that might seem a bit insignificant but are filled with serious conversations, kidding around, or making plans.

I savor those snippets. Each one feels like a wink. In the context of our lives together, they are the sighs, the small moments of relief among the regular breaths of routine, shallow breaths of crises, and deep breaths of hope.

I think I’ve always appreciated such moments, but as the girls grow their own lives and families, I sense a deeper richness to the moments. Perhaps I experience those sighs as a bit more satisfying and deeper because of the challenges of the past few years.

Being a mom is overwhelming at times, but some of those times, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Moms, take those snapshots. Group selfies are not necessary to mark the occasion. You don’t have to post it to prove it. Just sit in the moment, soak it up, and sign.