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Snapshots in Life’s Movie

My daughter invited me on a girls’ day with her and her daughter. We ate lunch, shopped, and went to a movie. In the middle of the movie, my granddaughter climbed on my lap.

The movie wasn’t my favorite to watch, but it is among my favorites to experience.

When my girls were growing up, I found something favorite, something to appreciate in every season or stage. I didn’t make a list. I don’t associate a favorite with each season as I look back. Yet I remember trying to savor some of the experiences along the way. To be clear, I didn’t sing a naïve Snow White With A Smile song every day. But choosing appreciation along the way wasn’t as clearly defined as we think it should be. I didn’t dread the tough times and highlight the smooth sailing days. Sometimes I took for granted the easier moments or days. And sometimes I appreciated the rough days either because I felt decently equipped to handle a rough situation or because I simply survived.

Sitting in the movie theatre reminded me to appreciate snapshots of the process. Perhaps it’s easier to do so as a grandparent, but even grandparenting ebbs and flows. Relationships change. Opportunities change. Responsibilities change. Abilities change.

I know better than to take these moments for granted. After all, “When you have only one life, that’s what makes it special.” (Kitty Softpaws, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish)