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Sharing Christmas

I scanned through Twitter. It had been several days, if not a week-plus. Several Christmas posts stood out to me, because I had obviously missed them in real time. I was okay with that. I was engaged in the people around me. As the posts stood out to me, I considered sharing them of commenting. But…it was after Christmas. Should I move on because I didn’t grab the opportunity in a timely manner?

I shared. I commented. Because Christmas isn’t a moment. It’s not confined by a 24-hour day. Well, yes, the actual observed holiday is a designated day, but Christmas is more. It’s a recognition of Jesus and the beginning of his life on earth. It’s invitation for us to acknowledge his life and death and what it means to us. It’s an invitation to consider who we believe Jesus to be, or as he asked, “Who do you say I am?”

Our acknowledgement of him isn’t defined by a calendar or a clock. And the Christmas holiday isn’t defined by family gatherings, good food, and gift-giving. In the days to come, we’ll ask people, “How was your Christmas?” We’ll answer the question when others ask. And all of our answers will primarily center around our schedule, our people, and our gifts.

I hope Christmas—I hope Jesus—seeped into you much more deeply in recent days. I hope his presence is what rises to the top of your memories and gratefulness from the Christmas season. And if not, I hope you’re able to refocus—not matter the day, holiday, or season.