My Life with God

A Messy Birthday

As usual, I arrived at work before others. I immediately noticed the windows of my office were decorated for my birthday. I opened the door and saw…a mess! My first thought was, “How nice!” My second thought, “Do they not realize working in this mess all day might throw me over the edge?” I was a big girl, swiped off all confetti in the immediate work area on my desk, and settled in for the day. Throughout the day, people stopped by to say happy birthday, laugh at the mess, or ask me how in the world I was able to work in the midst of the chaos.

I’m not a messy person. I don’t want a big deal made of my birthday. I didn’t expect a messy birthday, but it was a good kind of messy. It was a good birthday. It was a good reminder that friends come with the best kinds of messes—and even take care of a lot of the clean-up.

Life is messy, and that’s okay in the context of the people living in the mess with us.