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Reading Reminders


There’s something very special about reading to my granddaughter. Part of it involves the memories of reading to my daughters. Part of it is holding her close as we do something together. But I think most of it involves the joy of watching her excitement as she explores the world and her imagination through books.

Of course, I know she doesn’t understand all the words and how they connect with the illustrations, but she gets excited nonetheless. She interacts with the books and with whomever is reading with her. It’s fun to see her personality through her reactions.

I love the time we read together.

She reminds me to look at details with fresh eyes, not to rush through some things, and to know when to turn the page. She doesn’t know she’s reminding me of such important things, but I know God is using her.

God is good about that—reminding us of the important stuff, what we’re supposed to prioritize. He does so in the most creative and surprising ways, yet he is so very consistent. It’s not that I really like every reminder he gives me, because his reminders come with some challenging, uncomfortable stuff, but it is still good. He is still good.

Look for his reminders today.

Look at details with fresh eyes, try not to rush through some things, and know when to turn the page.