Pure Love

Fervent Love

pureloveblogAbove all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4:8)

Love covers a multitude of sins. Love repeatedly forgives. Love covers all transgressions. It leaves no gaps. It heals all wounds. It provides for all needs. Because it is who God is. He knows how important love is and instructs us to keep fervent in it. He knows the potential and power love has, and He doesn’t want us to miss any of it.

Keeping fervent indicates a commitment to intensity. It’s not just about fervency but also the abiding in it. We are to keep fervent. We must be intentional. We must pursue love for one another.

And if we don’t?

I think we all know what happens. We lose our focus on the love of God, we lose sight on His and our love for one another, and we end up in a disoriented mess. Life is going to be messy no matter what, because we don’t live in a perfect world. That’s not God’s plan for us at this time in this life. So, messes are a given. But when we live in those messes in the presence and will of God’s love, when we intentionally live it out loud with others, we find peace in the mess. We respect each other even when we disagree. We forgive each other when we offend. We reconcile instead of retaliate.

We keep fervent in God’s love when we accept His love. We keep fervent in God’s love when we seek Him. We keep fervent in God’s love when we know Him intimately. We keep fervent in God’s love when we are intentional in our relationship with Him. Even keeping fervent requires a commitment.

Everything about God requires commitment. Our relationship with Him is never a secondary option. It’s not a back-up plan. It’s His plan and His priority. We have faith His way. We live His way. We love His way. It’s not because He leaves us out of the equation; it’s because He loves us so much in the relationship. He knows and understands all. He created us and is invested in us. He is God.

He is love.

Dear God, You are love. Thank You. Thank You for pouring into me, for loving me, and for helping me experience and live Your love out loud. I am committed to continually seeking You and living boldly for You. Amen.