The Discipline of Wait

We might think we are waiting and being patient, but are we? In the small moments, when we stand in line at a store or wait in the doctor’s waiting room or sit in the drive-thru, we check our phones. When we’re uncertain about next steps of a job or home life, we watch TV. The list goes on.

Those things aren’t bad, but we need to be disciplined in the way we wait. If we think waiting is getting distracted and letting time pass, we miss something. We actually miss someone. God purposes our steps and our moments of time. If we instantly fill our space to let time pass, we can miss God. If we want to truly wait and patiently pursue God’s presence and the next step he has for us, we need to learn how to wait in stillness as well as in busyness. Are we pressing into his presence or are we crowding out his presence?

God is always available, but he wants more with us than an on-demand relationships. He values commitment more than convenience. Patiently waiting