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Pure Submission: Turning What We Think About Submission Right Side Up

Submission has become one of those words (and concept) we’d rather avoid. It brings up stories and experiences of mistreatment, disrespect, and abuse of power. The concept has been hijacked by authority who have only their own interests in mind and want everyone else to do it “my way.” We live in a culture and time of applauding “my way”—unless it bumps into our own way.

Or, we try to generalize what submission means, isolating Scripture to support our assumptions or preferences. We use the concordance, search for “submit,” then declare the limited results are all God has to say about it. In reality, submission is scattered throughout the Bible. We have to humbly search and change if we want to truly know and live well in submission.

MombardedMombarded: When Motherhood Bombards Your Heart, Mind, and Life. Motherhood comes with a bombardment of emotions. Some are positive; others aren’t. Most are overwhelming at times. You’re not alone. People have children every day. Many have only the slightest idea what they’re doing. But they know one thing: they want to do their best. You want to do your best. To provide for your children and love them with everything you have. To not let them down. To not make the same mistakes your mom made, to be the kind of mom your mom was to you, or some combination of the two. The anticipation and possibilities for your child and yourself as a mom overwhelm you. You have been mombarded.

Pure_Purpose_Cover_for_KindlePure Purpose Bible study.  Discover Pure Purpose – in the midst of your experiences, questions, and relationships – and discover who God is and what he intends for your life. Finding the answers won’t be easy. You’ll need to commit to digging into God’s Word and looking in the mirror at the reflection of the woman God intends you to become. You’ll be challenged to apply what you’re learning in everyday life. $15/each

PureEmotionKindleCoverPure Emotion Bible study. Emotions saturate Scripture. God is an emotional God, and you’re created in his image. Our emotions are often a bit messier than God’s! If we let him, God will replace the untruthful messages we’ve learned about emotions along the journey of life with the truthful messages reflecting his character, will, and commands. If your emotions aren’t reflecting the character of God, you’re probably distorting something and need to get back on track. That’s what this journey is about. Growing closer to God, getting to know him better, and committing to reflecting him more and more on a daily basis. $15/each

Pure Growth Bible study. We have favorite seasons of nature, but what about spiritual seasons? You might have a favorite spiritual season, but you cannot live in it every moment of your life. You can choose to sit and pout about it, or you can use the time given to you, learning the lessons and growing the way God purposes. Every season holds blessings for us. In order to fully experience each blessing, we must choose to set aside what we think and want, inviting God to consume us. He intends for us to fully embrace the experiences of each season so we can continually grow in faith. $10/each

PureFaithCoverLowResPure Faith Bible study. Faith isn’t just believing. It’s knowing. We don’t have to be certain about everything in order to be certain in faith. Certainty of faith is certainty of and in God. It’s saying, “I know God” even when I don’t know the answer. It’s replacing our search for answers with a search for the personal God who wants a relationship with us so he can progressively reveal himself to us. Certainty of faith is replacing the “what ifs” with the “who is.” Wherever you are in your faith journey, God wants to meet you in your “here” and take you closer. Open your mind. Open your heart. Seek, listen, and grow. $10/each

Pure_Love_Cover_for_KindlePure Love: A 90-Day Devotional for Living God’s Love Out Loud. When we seek God, we know God, because He is love. Take a journey through Scripture to highlight what God says about love. Explore how we distort it, and receive God’s encouragement to see love the way God intends. Each day begins with the key Scripture and is followed by a devotional. At the end of each day’s reading, you’ll find A.S.K. It’s your opportunity to Accept, Seek, and Know God and His love even more deeply. Accept includes a prayer. Seek includes questions to consider, journal, or discuss. Know seals the day with more Scripture, so you can claim truth once again. May God challenge, encourage, and equip you to live His love out loud. $10/each

Farm_Days_Cover_for_KindleFarm Days is a collection of stories and adventures of a Midwestern family farm in the 20th Century. It’s a remembrance of a simpler time without distractions of satellite television, personal computers, and cell phones. It’s a reflection of a time when working together as a family was essential for accomplishing a day’s work, yet experiencing adventures together was commonplace. $7/each

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    1. HI, Sue. I mailed them a day or two after I received the order, and I haven’t received them back yet. But if you don’t get them by Monday, let me know, and I’ll put another package in the mail! With all the Christmas orders and packages running through delivery centers, who knows where it might be sitting!


  1. Sue, I just placed an order for 20 Pure Emotion books but it would not go through from what I saw online. Can you please check to see if the order went through? Jean Schaffer, First Evangelical Free Church, 1375 Carman Rd, Manchester, MO 63021. I don’t see a # to call. Thank you.


  2. Hi there, about 2 weeks ago I stumbled onto you’re sight, from what remember was quotes, lessons and instructions in regards to marriage. They were written in a way to uncover my own justifications on blaming my husband. You’re words gave me a reality check on this matter. I cannot find where it was.

    Any idea where I can find that page? Been searching for a couple weeks with no luck. Can you help please.

    Thank you very much!

    Angel Canevari


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